4 Unusual Locations For A Boating Excursion

Sometimes, beautiful locales are better experienced off shore. Like Mark Twain said, “there is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land (and work) again after a cheerful, careless voyage.” Boating excursions are fun, thrilling and the colour of water is scientifically proven to be soothing. A short weekend excursion to the nearest lake is exciting, but check out these locations that really take boating trips to the next level:

1. The Maldives

This small nation with alluring beaches is famous as a honeymoon destination. (Remember when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes went there?) The country is literally more water than land, so the best, and sometimes the only, way to get around is by boat. You can enjoy long boat cruises between numerous white-sand atolls. To truly feel like being in paradise, go on an evening boat trip and watch the kaleidoscopic rays of the sun reflected in the crystal-clear water. If your vessel is equipped with the right boating accessories, you can go water skiing and wakeboarding.

2. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Tucked inside the Arctic Circle, the breathtaking Lofoten Islands are perfect for boating excursions off the beaten track. Be prepared for stunning vistas with towering crags covered in vegetation. There are four main islands—Austvågøy, Vestvågøy, Flakstadøy and Moskenesøy—with picture-perfect fishing villages. The islands are well-connected by road bridges so travelling by car is not a problem, by why would anyone want to, when you can explore the staggering beauty of these islands by boat? The islands offer excellent opportunities to go fishing. You can also go diving and snorkelling to discover incredible arctic underwater fauna.

3. Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

This might be the most unusual pick on this list. Sri Lanka is still emerging as a summer beach and safari destination. On the west coast of this small island is Kalpitiya, a sleepy fishing village that no one had heard of until some enterprising locals began offering dolphin-watching boat tours. You can go on one of these boat rides to see hundreds of bottlenose and other dolphins migrating away from the cold southern seas. You can rent a boat to navigate the captivating lagoon dotted with verdant mangrove forests. Take extra care to upgrade your ride with boating accessories necessary to navigate shallow tropical water. Here are some boating accessories on this link http://www.marineman.com.au/.

4. Hvar, Croatia

Atmospheric Hvar draws in thousands of tourists each year to its historic Gothic palaces, winding marble streets and rolling vineyards. Less well-known are the amazing boat rides around the island to explore tiny islets with spectacular beaches and secret coves of the Adriatic Sea. Here, you can easily rent a boat to enjoy an adventurous sea excursion in privacy. Local tour providers offer speed boats, inflatable boats, jet skis and yachts for rent. If you don’t want to navigate unfamiliar waters on you own, you can join a sail boat trip for breathtaking scenery complemented with caving and snorkelling excursions.

Boots with Flair And Style!

For different style and look of boots that have diverse flair and character, you might give a try to stylish looking western shoes and boots. These boots are even known as the cowboy boots since they have come quite long way from days when farmers wore them. These boots have patterns and designs that are completely unique and quite different from normal ones. In fact, you can also find great varieties in market that are destined for dancing. Moreover, you will find that these traditional boots are basically mid-calf in height and it usually features angled heel which is more than one inch high.


The western boots in Australia generally have the pointed toes through even the round shaped can even also be available. While buying a pair of boots from market, you should consider different reasons for the purchase. These are normally divided in 2 different variants, the first one that are meant for work and the other one that are designed for the casual or daily purpose.

Material Used:

These shoes are made from the cow hide leather that are specifically most expensive kind of leather but these are most durable as well. You may also purchase the boots which are made from alligator, lizard, elephant, ostrich, and snake skin and sting-ray. The Synthetic materials are at times also used during the construction but these are not durable. You would also find synthetic boots are the most cheapest and affordable variants for the sale on market.

Things to consider:

Before you buy these shoes for yourself there are main 3 things that one must consider. These factors are occasions, price and levels of comfort for which you would be wearing them. So, while you are planning to buy these boots, buy the one which perfectly fits as they also tend to reduce over the passing time. The one and only way to correctly break is to walk while wearing them. It is significant to buy the slightly big sizes while buying those with the pointed toes. Jennys Western Products is a trusted dealer of western wear. 

They also go well with different outfits but do specifically perfectly with long as well as short dresses. With different styles, colors and designs that are available these days, you may buy the one that goes with best kind of outfits you wish to pair with them. Western style of boots looks particularly great with jeans of boot-cut and might be also worn between spring and winter months. These are similarly adept at the occasions that also call for the formal and casual dressing. With the most distinctive style of stitching style, these boots may be unique in designs. Not just that some boots also features the most decorative style of stitching but they even have the complex patterns and designs.

Relax Without Being On Holiday

There will always be work. that work that you are so bent on finishing while every other person is taking time off will really not make a difference if you really seat back and think of it. One thing people tend to forget easily is the fact that they need their bodies to be in good shape to be able to make the most of their work. The only reason they can work long hours is because their bodies permit them to do so. For them to be able to continue working this hard, this same body needs to remain in good shape.

If you could pushing yourself to hard working late nights and leaving for work before the kids are up each day, there will come a time when your body will rebel. It will forcefully ask for a break and when it does this forcefully, you may end up in a hospital a bed. Then you will find that work did not stop for even one minute to notice that you are sick. It will be business as usual. If you are lucky you will get a couple of get well soon messages. Then you will know that you should never take your holiday for granted. It is important to rest the body once in a while. Even if you can’t find the to go on a complete holiday, try to take short breaks to relax and recover. Some ideas for these are given below.

Visit the gym

Your really need to exercise your body and keep it active. Seating behind a computer from morning tonight really does you no good. Take time to vist the gym and do some exercises. Run on the tread mill, carry some loads, anything that makes your blood run faster and make you sweat.

Go for weekend breaks

Even if you are running a start up, you should still be able to go for weekend breaks. Once in a while take time away from work and go for a weekend. Spend some quiet but useful time with your family and friends. If you love being at sea, consider going on a boat ride and do fishing or whale watching at Warrnambool. Go away from your home and spend some quality time at a weekend resort.

Get involve in Yoga

Yoga is the new deal these days many people have discovered the many benefits that could be harnessed from taking up yoga. Today it is no longer looked upon as a spiritual practice. It is now a way of life. Many people are benefiting from the stress relieving abilities of yoga. Best of all, it doesn’t necessitate a lot of movements. A few poses are enough to help you relax.